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Table of Contents ‘Technically impossible’Ongoing dispute S.W.W. Schmuckwaren is a firm centered in southern Germany

S.W.W. Schmuckwaren is a firm centered in southern Germany that produces and sells jewellery, like gold and silver pendants formed like the outlines of international locations. They price tag €22.95-€295.95 ($27-$350) and most of the countries are formed in this kind of a way that corresponds to their internationally regarded borders. There is a single pendant, nonetheless, that is missing a region: Ukraine does not contain the Crimean Peninsula.

There is an ongoing dispute as to how to mark Crimea on maps

Since Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula in 2014, there has been an ongoing heated debate as to how the territoy must be represented on maps. Ukrainian maps keep on to depict it as staying section of national territory, even though Russian maps claim it as section of the Russian Federation.

In the US and European Union, the peninsula is usually depicted in the exact shade as Ukraine, but in some conditions it is clearly marked as disputed territory. On its map for German end users, tech huge Google uses a dotted line to independent Crimea from the rest of Ukraine but a solid line to mark condition borders.

‘Technically impossible’

When DW questioned Sven Wilhelm, the head of S.W.W. Schmuckwaren, why his corporation experienced made the decision to make Ukraine pendants devoid of Crimea, he responded that the rationale had nothing to do with politics. He said that it was basically “technically unachievable” to incorporate the Crimea.

Wilhelm did not seem to be extremely involved about the simple fact that the pendant did not correspond to the condition of Ukraine with its internationally acknowledged borders. He pointed out that no person was obliged to purchase it: “We also have Crimea on its have. You can buy Ukraine and Crimea.”

Till not too long ago, the mass retailers OTTO and Amazon were also selling the Ukraine pendant on their web-sites. DW contacted them both for a assertion.

“We taken out the pendant straight away from our store and asked the retailer in no way to sell it or comparable merchandise by way of,” claimed Frank Surholt, spokesman for the German corporation, which is regarded in Ukraine.

Amazon Germany took observe of DW’s inquiry but declined to remark. Nevertheless, the pendant was afterwards marked as currently being “now unavailable” on its site.

A Ukraine soccer shirt that includes Crimea

Ukraine’s soccer shirt for this year’s Euros has been controversial

Ongoing dispute

Despite the fact that many governments and intercontinental businesses understand Crimea as being portion of Ukrainian territory, the peninsula is usually depicted with a border to the mainland, which has led to a amount of protests in Ukraine.

In 2018, the Estonian publisher Studium released an English-language schoolbook that highlighted a map depicting Crimea as portion of the Russian Federation. It was later recalled by Estonia’s Training and Study Ministry.

There have also been a amount of incidents in which media stores, such as the BBC, ARTE, the French daily Le Monde and The New York Instances, posted maps of Ukraine that did not contain Crimea. Ordinarily, nevertheless, they have reacted promptly to grievances from audience or Ukrainian diplomats and released rectifications.

Soldiers in Crimea

In 2014, unidentified soldiers seized regulate of strategic buildings in Crimea

In February 2014, soldiers sporting uniforms but no insignia or determining marks occupied authorities buildings and strategic amenities in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Russian President Vladimir Putin later on admitted that they were being component of the Russian navy. On March 16 of the same year, a disputed referendum, in which voters were being questioned regardless of whether they desired to be component of the Russian Federation or desired better autonomy within just Ukraine, took location in Crimea. Russia then formally integrated Crimea as a topic of the Russian Federation. Most of the international group considers this an illegal annexation, and the EU and the US have imposed financial sanctions on Russia.   

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