How to Flirt With a Guy in a Cute and Girly Way

There are flirty girls who can get a guy’s attention for a short while, and then there are those seemingly aloof girls whom all the guys are drooling to have as their girlfriend. While looks can play a major role in getting a guy’s attention, the real key is to know how to flirt with a guy without them thinking that you’re easy to get.

There’s a difference between a flamboyant flirt and a charming lady. If you have got the moves and the talk to get a guy to kiss the ground that your feet tread on, then you’re a gifted woman. However, if you are having a hard time trying to catch this guy’s eye, then these tips will help you subtly flirt your way into his heart:

  • Be sweet and approachable

Guys generally like girls who are nice and kind, because it’s a natural womanly feature. When he does something for you, always thank him with a smile. Be nice to others too, but always give him a little bit of extra attention, such as complimenting him as well.

  • Tease him a bit

Any guy would fall for a girl with a sense of humor. For instance, if he tries to crack a joke which is not really funny, you can give him a smile and tell him something like, “I’m sure you’ve got something funnier than that.” He might get a little mad but it will challenge him. Guys are naturally competitive creatures and a challenge will intrigue him and make him feel like he needs to prove something to you, thus making you more special.

  • Check out your expressions

Exhibiting the right facial expressions can really melt a guy’s heart. A master flirt knows how to play coy, look cute and flutter her eyelashes in just the right way. Give him a cute smile when he does something nice for you. Or show him your adorable version of raising an eyebrow when he cracks a cheesy joke.

  • Smell really nice and move closer to him

Guys really love it when they are next to a girl who smells sweet (but not overbearingly perfumed). Try sidling in next to him when you want to ask him a question and make sure that you’ve washed your hair with a fragrant shampoo or dabbed your neck with a sweet scent. Before you know it, he will want to be next to you more often.

  • Give him extra attention

Making a person feel that he is special will give him a warm and fuzzy feeling towards you. If you really want to know how to flirt with a guy, this is your best bet. Every now and then, give him a genuine compliment that will make his day and touch him lightly when you’re talking to him. Soon enough, he’ll start thinking more about you.

As you can see, you can certainly flirt with a guy in a cute and girly way without overbearing him with the attention. Keep it simple and always make sure that you look pretty and neat. He’ll be crazy not to flirt back.