How must you inform a driver of tire trouble?

Q: A swift shoutout to the driver of an more mature Dodge minivan on Freeway

Q: A swift shoutout to the driver of an more mature Dodge minivan on Freeway 17 on Thursday morning. He was flashing his headlights powering me, and I believed he wanted me to pull in excess of so he could move. I was going with targeted traffic in the quick lane, and that didn’t make sense.

When I arrived at my office environment, I understood I had a approximately wholly flat right rear tire. Certainly he was trying to alert me. I want to thank him for his endeavor. I regret I did not pick up on his sign.

Do you or your audience have any recommendations for alerting a driver to this kind of a hazard?

Peter Gallagher, Campbell

A: I do, but initially there is far more to your tale

Q: Immediately after changing the ruined tire with the spare, I took the flat to a shop. There was one particular other customer ready, who had witnessed me earlier on Interstate 880 and tried out to notify me by blowing his horn. Similar intent to alert me, but a distinctive tactic from the initial guy.

It would make me sense very good that there are many others out there prepared to try out to enable out yet another motorist.

Lesson learned: Even if your tire stress monitoring method has “cried wolf” on you a number of occasions, as mine has, really do not ignore it!

Peter Gallagher

A: It’s very good to listen to they had been trying to support you. As a sign, honking can confuse other motorists and probably direct some to road rage, sad to say. Flashing your lights immediately and regularly generally operates far better.

Q: I’m Wayne Meyer’s sister. Wayne is the guy who met his potential wife in a driver’s ed class in superior school. You asked what variety of driver he is. I say he’s an intense driver but no accidents.

He is nearly 9 a long time more mature than I am. At the time when I was minimal, riding in the again seat of his motor vehicle, I overheard him say he considered his rear conclude was likely out. Each and every time I got in his auto I rode in anxiety the again of his vehicle would tumble off with me in it.

Christine Meyer Kingsland, Milpitas

A: Many thanks for the chuckle.