A ‘tofu-wich’, Caesar dressing and cookies

Table of Contents Tofu-wichesVegan Caesar DressingPeanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies As a child, I was

As a child, I was always a bit picky about the meat I consumed. Whether it was a chunk of cartilage I accidentally and regrettably bit into when eating a McRib sandwich at school or the piece of chicken that looked a bit dark where it rested against the bone, I always felt a sense of unease when consuming “this thing” that seemingly had such variable consistency in quality. As I became older and started preparing my own food, these feelings of discontent were heightened when I decided to prepare an evening meal of chicken teriyaki for my family. As I stood in the kitchen washing, trimming, and cutting the chicken breasts, I could not help but think how dirty this whole process was. As I rinsed the meat in the sink, bacteria were inevitably splashing all around the surfaces and beyond. Then came the handling of this slimy substance from which I now had to tediously trim chunks of fat. When the meal was over, I realized I had prepared a dish that was devoid of flavor and was reminded of all the work I had just done for very little payback.